Hi, my name is Justina and I'm the founder of INCANTES jewelry. 

Incantēs (Latin) means "you enchant me". Few years ago I was going through a major transition in life: it was deep, challenging and at some point - very painful. However, if i had to do it all over again, I would do it anyways, - even knowing how it would feel like. Inner light, strength and self-love is always within us, we all just take different roads to it. One thing I would change though, I would take Incantes jewelry on that road with me. 

During that period of life I was searching for something, that would inspire me to take more positive approach to life. Something, that would have helped me, not to loose hope and inner strength, going through changes and achieving life goals. Something minimalistic, stylish, and with magical twist, that I could have always with me. And this is how, the idea of Incantes was born.

Pendants and earrings are handmade, silver (925) or gold plated (24K.). Crystals and stones are picked by my intuition and by their energetic vibration, one by one. That's why these crystal pendant necklaces and earrings don't repeat. Every piece of jewelry is unique. 

One thing is the same, though, - they all come to you, with a blessing. 

We are what we believe in. And sometimes it takes just a little bit of magic touch, to make everyday life more interesting. 

Incantēs - you enchant me and I surrender.